An Orange exclusive: follow the Cannes Film Festival live on Orange TV
May 12, 2011


At home on their PC, on their iPad or smartphone – Orange customers will be given the opportunity to follow the 64th Cannes Film Festival live on TV. Film fans will be able to watch the official Festival TV exclusively on Orange TV and find out everything about the movie stars and the festival. In addition, there’s a VIP package for 2 persons to be won.

The 64th Cannes Film Festival takes place from 11 to 22 May 2011 and is chaired by Robert de Niro. Orange has been a partner of the Cannes Film Festival for more than ten years, and since last year has also been a co-producer of the official Festival TV, which reports live daily and broadcasts numerous exclusive features regarding the event.

This partnership allows Orange to offer its clients exclusive access to the official Festival TV. This is also available to Swiss customers with an Orange TV subscription:

  • From May 11 at 6:30 pm to the evening of May 22 
  • Eight hours of live coverage every day and re-broadcast 
  • Supplemented by numerous background stories, interviews and film material on the films shown.

Cannes Festival live TV channels (in English and French) are included at no extra cost within Orange TV. Orange TV is available on smartphones, computers and on tablets for CHF 9.00 per month without a minimum contractual duration. Orange TV also gives access to over 50 TV channels, a 10-hour remote recording function, over 2,000 video clips, film trailers, and a comprehensive TV guide. Orange customers can access this world famous film festival on their mobile phone via, from computers and tablet PCs at

Opportunity to win VIP packages for Cannes

For the duration of the festival, additional information about the event (including photos and videos) will be on available at . At the same time, film enthusiasts can enter a competition to win an exclusive VIP package for 2, which includes the following features:

  • Red carpet together with the film stars
  • Viewing of the film competition on May 19
  • Lunch, dinner, and breakfast
  • One night in a 5-star hotel (Hotel Martinez)
  • On-call Chauffeur

Customers can participate in this contest and get a chance to walk the stairs with the stars by simply signing up on

More information at:


One small step for Home Entertainment, one giant leap for the Entertainment Consumer
March 14, 2011

The recent Jan 2011 launch of Orange Switzerland’s hybrid physical/digital home entertainment service, CineHome, has added yet another Video On Demand (VoD) product to the already crowded Swiss digital TV market – There are now 8 VoD services, which is quite an impressive number for such a small country. Until recently, only Swisscom TV, Cablecom, Acetrax, and Microsoft’s Xbox’s Zune were available, but 2010 saw the launch of Apple TV, Swiss TV, and DVDFly’s new MovieBox. So what makes Orange’s new CineHome product unique in the Swiss market? In addition to the combined Disc (DVD & Blu-Ray) mail order and VoD offering, CineHome includes what in my opinion is the killer concept that will revolutionize the consumer entertainment industry: Unlimited VoD, for a monthly subscription. Also known as Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD), this simple concept promises superior value to the end consumer. It is essentially Pay TV programming (block buster movies and TV Series) without the programming schedule. Premium content is accessible at any time, on demand, directly on the TV set; imagine catching up on the entire last season of Two and a Half Men before the new season airs on Pay TV, and doing a six film Harry Potter “movie marathon” before hitting the Cinema to catch the 7th and latest release in the Series. Include regularly refreshed content and you get the killer concept that will quickly replace today’s Pay TV and pay-per-view driven home entertainment experience. In CineHome’s case, there is no additional fee for SVoD; content is included in the basic monthly subscription under the WarnerTV brand. But CineHome is not a pure SVoD service, which generally includes only Library titles: most of CineHome’s content is very recent and still accessible on a transactional pay-per-view basis. Orange decided to add WarnerTV’s 100 to 130 hours (at any one time) of weekly and monthly refreshed Hollywood studio content including movies, TV Series, and Animated Series, at no additional cost to the end consumer. But, CineHome is not Orange’s first unlimited subscription based on demand service. In May, 2010, they launched Switzerland’s first and only unlimited Gaming service offering PC based game play across over 450 titles, for a single monthly fee. And with other products under development, Orange may quickly become Switzerland’s premiere entertainment provider.

Although new to Switzerland, SVoD is already proving to be a massive success in the US market. Netflix, is an excellent example of how unlimited access to digital content is the future. Initially founded as a subscription based physical disc mail order rental service, Netflix has quickly (and successfully) realized the potential of unlimited content packages whilst adding the important convenience of direct to TV VoD streaming. By offering their clientele access to an impressive catalogue of block-buster movies, on demand, with no limit to the number of films they can view during any given subscription month, Netflix has single handedly revolutionized America’s Home Entertainment business. And this has captured the public’s attention, propelling Netflix into a market leadership position among traditional and digital home entertainment services. In fact, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently stated that his company is “now primarily a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail.” The below figure is a snap shot of the trend that Netflix experienced between its physical (Disc) and digital:

This rapid growth in SVoD consumption (see WI views, which in 2011 are expected surpass declining disc rentals) caused a major shift in the company’s focus, spurring Netflix to increase investment on its now more popular SVoD service, and announcing its intentions to decommission its physical rental business. However, Netflix is far from being the only provider of SVoD content in the US market. Services such as Comcast’s Xfinity include unlimited free views of content within its basic introductory subscription (as does Orange CineHome); however, by browsing the Xfinity free view service, one quickly understands the limited offer compared to both CineHome and Netflix. But like Orange CineHome, Netflix is an Over The Top (OTT) ISP agnostic product where the luxury of leveraging on triple play (and often quadruple play) traditional Telco services is not possible. Orange is the only mobile centric telecommunications operator in Switzerland and with no fixed broad-band assets, its VoD product must continue to lead in the content arena; otherwise, Orange will find it difficult to gain Swiss home entertainment market share.

Out of Switzerland’s 8 VoD services, and at the time this article was written, only two offer any SVoD content: Orange CineHome and DVD Fly; however, both are essentially one in the same. The CineHome product is based on DVD Fly’s platform but with Orange born enhancements – DVD Fly’s own product evolution has greatly benefited from the partnership with Orange. Common to many large telco / start-up relationships, Orange has brought not only an essential cash injection into DVD Fly’s business, but also rigorous product development discipline, product innovation (e.g., the introduction of SVoD), and attention to pre-launch consumer testing and approval. In fact, since the relationship with Orange was founded in early 2010, DVD Fly was able to increase its major Hollywood studio content catalogue, improve the user interface and performance of their portal, optimize their go-to-market proposition, and ultimately benefit from Orange’s SVoD content strategy.

The success of the SVoD concept has already proven itself in the US, so it is most likely only a matter of time before it also proves itself in similarly competitive markets such as Switzerland. And once consumers become accustom to the advantages of SVoD based content consumption, pay-per-view based consumer Entertainment as we know it today will never be the same.

A new OTT Home Entertainment Service is born
January 14, 2011


Introducing Orange CineHome: VoD, DVD/Blu-ray rental, and catch-up TV, with unlimited content


<Click here for Product Demo>


Orange Switzerland will be launching the world’s latest Over the Top (OTT) IP connected home entertainment service on January 17, 2011. The TV based product, CineHome, offers an impressive content line-up and flexibile viewing options, for a very afforable monthly fee. For just CHF 14, any Swiss household with a broadband internet connection will gain access to a wide range of local and international hits, including: Hollywood block buster films, TV series, and catch-up programming from both TSR (Swiss French regional TV) and SF (Swiss German TV). Orange customers benefit from a reduced price of just CHF 9 per month.

Set-top box for every broadband Internet connection  

The service is accessibile via a set top box that is rented separately and works with any broadband Internet connection of 2 Mbit/s or more. What’s more, you don’t need to be an Orange broadband subscriber to enjoy Orange CineHome. Simply connect the CineHome box to any broadband Internet modem and then link to a TV set (both Scart and HDMI cables are included with the set top box). A broadband Internet connection with a capacity of 2 Mbit/s is enough for standard picture quality. For HD quality (up to 1080 dpi), a 5 Mbit/s connection is the minimum requirement.


Films, TV series and other programmes

The Orange CineHome’s subscription package offers:

  • unlimited access to a large catalogue of Warner Brothers films and hit TV series, at no extra cost.

with more than 30 selected films and 90 to 120 episodes of TV series at any one time. Unlimited access is included in the monthly subscription and the series catalogue is updated weekly with numerous new episodes, while the film catalogue is updated on a monthly basis with ten new films each month.


  • unlimited on demand access to more than 80 selected programmes from Swiss TV channels SF and Télévision de la Suisse Romande TSR. The range of programmes is updated daily


  • access to more than 1,500 films and TV series, on demand, with multi-lingual audio support during viewing, streamed directly to a TV in 5.1 digital audio surround sound, starting at only CHF 1.50 / episode and CHF 3.50 / movie, all at the touch of a button. The range of films and TV series is updated continuously with the latest new releases.


  • High Definition (HD) quality films, on demand, starting from only CHF 5- per 48 hour rental.


  • access to more than 18,000 DVD and Blu-ray titles that can be easily rented directly from the TV menu with next day delivery by post. The range is updated continuously with the latest new releases.


Sneak Peak at the TV interface


Pricing Overview




Has Hollywood moved to Switzerland?!
January 11, 2011

After seeing the large Hollywood-like sign going up this Monday on the slopes of a small Zürich area town called Hergiswil, Swiss residents have understood that something is brewing in their Entertainment market:


Comparing this Hergiswil panorama to the below Hollywood vista I recently experienced this December, one can’t help to notice the similarities:

Besides the bad weather (like California, Switzerland isn’t always sunny), both signs have 9 letters, both have neighbouring towns with the same name, and both start with an”H”….Coincidence? Not quite: Hollywood IS coming to Switzerland, and it’s Orange Communications that’s bringing it.

This crafty Orange PR stunt, has not only teased Switzerland’s Entertainment market, it has also signaled the imminent launch of yet another Orange branded Entertainment product before the end of this month – The latest example of Orange’s commitment to become Switzerland’s premiere Entertainment provider.

Stay tuned for more details!

What’s the colour of Entertainment? …it’s Orange, of course.
December 15, 2010



Orange launches its new World Of Entertainment

Orange Communications SA strengthens its market presence as Switzerland’s premier supplier of Entertainment by launching a new website focused on the discovery of content and of its entertainment offerings. Orange’s acquisition and integration of the Citydisc Home Entertainment retail chain is now complimented by a new digital content playground called the World Of Entertainment

The World Of Entertainment website highlights Orange’s commitment to offering a 360 degree entertainment experience across Retail, Cinema, Online, Mobile, and Events. Some key platforms are still missing from their product offer, but these are already targeted byOrange with new products planned for a Q1 2011 roll-out.

In addition to traditional mobile entertainment services such as caller ring back tones, mobile gaming, and VoD clips, Orange is providing innovative products not common within the Swiss Telecommunications industry. Most have been integrated into the new entertainment site, including:

  • Unlimited, subscription-based Gaming accessible online from any PC. This service offers three different subscription packages and over 450 digitally distributed titles, many available within 3 months of retail release, and catalogue games from casual classics, such as Plants vs. Zombies, to action based megahits like Bioshock. The product is exclusively offered by Orange; however, it is a true Over The Top service open to any internet connected consumer. Jeux PC (French) / PC Spiele (German)


  • Orange TV: High quality subscription-based mobile and web TV with access to over 50 free and pay TV channels (with complimentary VoD content) under a single subscription – Not only is national and international programming offered, but premium priced bouquets of themed content are also available. Additional PVR functionality is provided, allowing for the recording and playback of content from the customer’s mobile, PC, or tablet


  • Orange MusicStore: Full track downloads for PC and Mobile-based consumption. Close to 5m titles are on offer with individual track and full album purchasing capabilities. All content is DRM free and in mp3 format, offering Orange customers maximum flexibility with their music and seamless monthly mobile bill integration


  • Orange CineDay: 2 for 1 Cinema tickets every Tuesday. Orange provides its customers with a free Cinema ticket (an $18 value) for every purchase of a full priced ticket


  • Orange brings key musicians, bands, and films onto the Swiss entertainment scene with sponsorship of major events such as concerts, shows, and summer music/film festivals…check out the current line-up of Events


The site only soft-launched on December 14, 2010, so Orange is still optimizing the site’s look & feel, performance, and functionality with numerous additions and improvements planned for Q1 2011.  Since this is a soft launch, any comments and feedback are welcome so please provide!

Stay tuned for more developments in 2011 as Orange Switzerland continues its expansion into the Entertainment space.